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For ease of reference, we've moved the course calendar and links to individual pages here.  


Welcome to the Pilgrims Summer Course 

Technology in Language Education


July 2011

 Your first task is here:

Task 1:  Let's get oriented to our workspace.  

  • Work on your own or with a partner.  
  • Spend about 10 minutes on the following tasks:
  1. Read the text here on the Front Page
    • Follow the links to explore our workspace and the resources given.  (The links are blue and underlined.  They can also be called 'hyperlinks', which means they link to another page on the Internet.)
  2. While you are exploring, find the answers to the following questions: 
    1. Read about your tutors.  Do you share any interests or dislikes? 
    2. Watch the video and note down the advantages of using wikis rather than email.   
    3. Read the article on wikis in wikipedia and find out when wikis were first created and by whom.
    4. Look around this page and compare it with the view on the data projector.  You are viewing as a reader and on the projector you can what the administrator sees.  Note down 5 differences.
    5. What does your final project consist of?
  3. Check your answers with the teacher sitting next to you when you finish. Signal to Kristina when you have finished.




First of all - a warm welcome to you all.

  • Steve and Kristina will be your tutors on this course.  We are looking forward to getting to know you all over the next two weeks.
  • Read our profiles to find out more about us.  (Cliick Steve's photo for his profile.)  



  This kind of website is called a 'wiki', from the Hawaiian word meaning 'fast' or 'quick'.  A wiki is a shared web page which can be edited very easily and quickly, as easily as you edit a Word document.  Do you want to know more about wikis?  Check out this video by Common Craft.     

On our wiki, there are two kinds of pages. 

  • On some pages, your course tutors will make materials and workshop activities available.  You will not be able to edit these pages or add comments. 
  •  On other pages course you will be able to write and share your experiences, ideas and what you are learning during the course. 


As part of your final project, you will prepare either a wiki of a blog for your learners, so this is a good place to practice.   (BTW, we call a practice site a 'sandbox'.) 


There is some etiquette to follow when working online.   Take the quiz to find out more.  And on our wiki, we are assuming  that everyone will be polite, reread anything they have written to check for tone and accurate language use and respect what others have posted on their pages. 


If you accidentally delete something, we'll be able to bring it back - but we can't restore a deleted page or folder!!!  





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This work by Kristina Smith & Steve Neufeld is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at kristinaweb20.pbworks.com.





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